La Bella Vita


The power of touch is often missing in our busy lives. Massage restores balance and well-being, releases muscular tension and allows your body to move with greater ease. It counters the effects of stress, anxiety and lack of rest and facilitates the flow of energy


Back Massage $40.00 half hour


Back shoulder and neck Massage relaxing yet firm, massage helps to get rid of those knots and that tension in the upper body so you can then leave feeling relaxed and tension free.

Full Body          $80.00 one hour

Giving your body some down time to relax and relieve the tension in your body

Full body 1 and a half  hours $110.00

Relax and unwind with a full body massage head to toe .whether your after a deep tissue or relaxation come on in and enjoy !

Hot stone massage 30 minutes $50

Hot stone massage  45 mins    $70

Back revitilisation $85 one hour

Starting with a stimulating back cleanse, scrub  and a warm chocolate wrap with the benefits of paraffin wax such as soothing and relieving the tension in your back,  increasing the blood flow with the heat and removing the unwanted toxins with a draining massage. A truely incredible treatment.

Sunburn Treatment

Soothe, calm and cool your skin with and Honey Aloe Skin Tonic Body Mask and Wrap, followed by a full body moisturise                                                                        30 minutes                           $50